Preventive Maintenance

Preventive maintenance is performed on monthly basis with the aim to avoid wear & tear or sudden failure of equipment components.
Mitsubishi regards preventive maintenance as the most important activity for avoidance of any inconvenience to clients because of failure in our equipment.

Maintenance call center

Mitsubishi provides customers 24/7 technical support through our maintenance call center (toll free number 1800-102-2211) located in our regional offices.

Our professional staffs are always ready to handle any technical and emergency calls.

Remote Maintenance Service (M’s Bridge)

M’s Bridge Enhances Safety/Peace of mind and convenience by watching 24/7 with Remote Maintenance Service

  • Immediate detection of failure with Remote Monitoring, and its early recovery by timely dispatch of maintenance engineer
  • Malfunction sign detection and prevention of failure with Remote Inspection
  • Provision of higher quality and more efficient maintenance service by maintenance engineer
  • Various consulting based on operational data (repair, specification change, and modernization)

Skilled staffs

  • Mitsubishi maintenance training program is enable our staffs to upgrade their technical skills periodically.
  • Senior staffs are dispatched to traning program held by Mitsubishi Electric group in Japan to polish their maintenance skills.
  • Meanwhile, an average of 300 technicians per year participate in-house maintenance training program conducted in training center in our factory.